7 HVAC Mistakes to Steer Clear of This Season

7 HVAC Mistakes to Steer Clear of This Season

As the seasons change, it’s important to be mindful of how the elements affect our HVAC systems and to take the time to ensure that they are kept in proper working condition so that there are no unexpected malfunctions or breakdowns when you need your heating and cooling system the most.

Below are a few common mistakes that homeowners make during the fall season, and how you can avoid making them:


1. Forgetting to Change Your Filter

Forgetting to change your filters not only causes your HVAC system to work less efficiently, but it can also drive up your energy bills over time because dirty filters force your system to work harder to produce results.

 change-filters_720Start the fall season by installing a clean filter, and make a point to start checking your filters every month to ensure that they are changed as soon as they become clogged.

2. Using an Old Unit

Installing a new furnace or air conditioner may seem like a more expensive option than pushing your old, worn-out unit to keep working, but the cost of repairs, emergency service, and other associated fees which often come with using old systems can add up quickly.

Not only is using outdated systems a more expensive long-term option, but older systems work less efficiently and can impact the quality and cleanliness of your indoor air.

3. Skipping HVAC Maintenance

hvac-maintenance_720Fall is the perfect time to invest in a professional inspection of your heating and cooling systems.

If you skip a professional inspection you may be putting yourself at risk for emergency situations with broken mechanical parts and system failures, so make sure to invest in an inspection before the seasons change.

4. Choosing Only One Temperature Year-Round

Seasonal highs and lows can put added pressure on your HVAC system, so do your best to adjust your indoor temperature accordingly as the seasons change. We recommend keeping your home around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and adjusting slightly as the days become cooler in order to lessen the strain on your system.

5. Turning Off Your Heater

Turning off your heater may seem like a great way to keep costs low, but stopping and starting your system can put added strain on your unit, as it has to work harder to get back up and running from scratch. If you feel the need to keep temperatures low, instead of turning off your system our energy experts recommend keeping your system on at around 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Neglecting Your Vents

invest-in-your-ventsInvesting in your vents is one of the easiest ways to stay comfortable during the fall months.

Not only can inspections of your home’s ventilation system identify any problem areas where air loss may be occurring, but keeping your vents and ducts clean can reduce bacteria, dust, dander, and other irritants which can make you sick.

7. Playing With Your HVAC Settings

Many homeowners change the settings on their HVAC systems as often as every few days, not realizing that this can harm their systems and impact the performance of their heating and cooling units. We recommend setting your system to a setting which will work for all temperatures and take additional measures (such as putting on a sweater) instead of changing the temperature every day.

For more information about how you can stay comfortable indoors this fall in Berkeley, CA, contact Albert Nahman Plumbing at 510-843-6904.


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