Discover World Water Day - March 22

Discover World Water Day - March 22

World-WaterWorld Water Day was first created by the United Nations back in 1993 as an annual event to focus on the world’s water crisis. World Water Day is becoming increasingly important every year, especially as the human population grows and as changes to the global climate become more severe.

And in case you're unfamiliar with this international event, here's everything you need to know about World Water Day, and what you can do to take part this year and in your daily life all year round.

The Beginning of World Water Day: The World Water Crisis

Imagine that over the course of the year, you went to visit 100 different friends. And now, imagine you weren't able to have a glass of water at 10 of their houses because they didn’t have clean drinking water.

Wasting-waterNot only that, but imagine that over 33 of those friends didn’t have a toilet you could use because they didn’t have access to proper sanitation. This is the crux of the world’s water crisis.

Throughout the globe, over 663 million people do not have access to clean drinking water—that’s about 1 in 10 people—and 2.4 billion (1 in 3) don’t have access to a toilet. At the same time, however, people who do have access to water tend to take it for granted, and that’s why the theme of this year’s World Water Day is wastewater.

Water Conservation Measures at Home

World Water Day isn't just about conserving water one day of the year, and there are things you can do around the house every day to save water and reduce wastewater in your house.

This includes when you're cooking, cleaning, in the garden, bathing, and doing other chores and tasks around the house. A few simple things you and your family can do to conserve water include:

  • Turning off the tap when you're washing your hands, cleaning dishes, or brushing your teeth
  • Only running dishwashers when there's a full load
  • Adjusting the washing machine water level according to the load size
  • Taking shorter showers
  • Washing the car at a car wash, or using a waterless cleaner
  • Planting drought-resistant plants that don’t need a lot of water
  • Using a rain barrel for the garden

Plumbing Maintenance and the Conservation of Water


The average American family uses about 400 gallons of water per day, and a toilet alone accounts for about 27 percent of that. That’s 108 gallons of water per day that’s literally flushed down the toilet!

Want a great way to conserve tons of water in your house every year? Adopt the cottage rule about letting it mellow if it’s yellow, or place full water balloons or full water bottles in every toilet tank so that each flush uses less water.

There are also lots of other plumbing-related things you can do around the house to save water and celebrate World Water day, including checking for leaks regularly, installing low-flow shower heads and faucets, and insulating your hot water pipes so hot water gets to the faucets faster.

World Water Day is an important global event that brings attention to the fact that such a large portion of the world’s population doesn’t have access to clean drinking water.

There are lots of things you can do around the house to participate on March 22 this year, including spreading the word to friends and family. And if you do find any leaks in your Berkeley, CA home during your regular inspections, call the experts at Albert Nahman Plumbing at 510-843-6904.

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