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We are committed to ongoing education and always use the most up to date technology for the job at hand, including the latest in green plumbing technology. Our goal is to provide your with outstanding service along with everything you need to make informed decisions about your purchases. Don't just fix your leak, fix your water bill!
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You don’t' need to be a plumber to practice water conservation! Here are a few simple tips you can use around the house to do your part.

Water Tips:

  • By turning off the water when you brush your teeth you can save 8 gallons per day.
  • If you shorten your showers by one or two minutes, you can save 5 gallons per day, per shower.
  • Fix leaky faucets and save 20 gallons per day.
  • Washing only full loads of laundry can save 15 to 50 gallons per load.
  • Don't use the toilet as an ashtray or wastebasket.
  • Only wash full dishwasher loads.

Green Living with Berkeley Plumber to Save Water

Less Water, More Performance


As Licensed GreenPlumbers®, we can advice you on water efficient product and fixtures to install that will conserve water, and lower your utility bills.

Replacing a toilet with WaterSense labelled toilet saves the average household 10,512 gallons of water per year!

Looking to save more on your water and electricity? Call Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating, your Berkeley Green Living specialists, today at 510-843-6904.


An Argument for Being Green

Plumbing ProfessionalsI recently had the opportunity to attend a conference where the actor and well known environmentalist, Ed Begley Jr. spoke to a group of about 500 plumbers, roofers, electricians and HVAC professionals. Ed Begley Jr. is one of my heroes, but I wondered how he might be received by this generally conservative group of small business owners from all over the U.S and Canada.

Mr. Begley’s interest in being green was rooted in the early 70’s when he purchased an all-electric car. Although his model was little more than a golf cart, it perfectly complemented his other modes of transportation; bicycle and public transit. Some of you may recall a television series called “Living with Ed” that chronicled his successes and struggles with becoming green. Mr. Begley was at this Expo as celebrity spokesperson for the A.O. Smith Company, one of the oldest manufacturers of water heaters in the world. A.O. Smith has expanded their energy efficient line of water heaters by integrating the Takagi tankless water heater brand into their line-up as well as some interesting hybrid designs that combine the best of both tank and tankless technologies.

A Single Flame

Mr. Begley’s main argument for environmental was not a plea to save the planet as I had anticipated. Instead, he appealed to the conservative audience on the grounds that his pursuit of environmental friendly solutions for his home were largely based on his desire to save money as an often underemployed actor living in a modest California bungalow. He bragged about his energy efficient A.O. Smith “Vertex” water heater which has given him years of service and is still going strong. He was also very excited that he uses, as he puts it, only “one flame” for both heating and hot water. He explained that hot water from the water heater is pumped across a heat exchanger to give up its heat to the forced air blower of the furnace. By eliminating the furnace’s “burner flame”, he reduced his gas bill dramatically.

Ed Begley Jr. usually pursues simple, common-sense projects that are well within his modest skill-set to perform as a do-it-yourselfer. (I was happy to learn that plumbing is not one of his strengths and relies on professionals for that). For example, he installed a fence that was made out of recycled plastic. Yes, it was more expensive than wood, but it never required painting or any other maintenance. Ed's wife was not pleased with the initial cost, but as the weather took its toll on his neighbors’ fences, the recycled plastic one ultimately proved to be the bargain.

The benefits of being green are three-fold, according to Mr. Begley.

  • first, it saves money!
  • It reduces our dependence on foreign oil
  • It reduces pollution

Now who couldn't get on board with that?


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Albert Nahman Plumbing and heating is proud to be a Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade Participating Contractor. Servicing Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

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What is liquid BioOne™?

The most advanced microbial drain, septic, and grease trap treatment available. It is comprised of naturally occurring strains of live, vegetative bacterial cultures with an exceptional appetite for organic matter.

Why is BioOne™ superior to other microbial drain line products on the market?

FAST ACTING - BioOne™; begins working immediately when introduced in a drain line or collection system. These friendly bacterial cultures do not require a wake up period as with other microbial products.

EASE - BioOne™; is easy to use and is as simple as pour and go. No pre-mixing, the convenient drain back bottle cap measurer is used to add the correct amount of treatment to the drain line or collection system.

VALUE - BioOne™; requires one half capful per treatment. One half capfuls have more activity than 5 capfuls of other bio-products.

ELIMINATES EMERGENCY CALL BACKS - BioOne™; continues to work long after the service call. The Hungry Bacteria continue to feed on the organic residue left in the drain line, grease trap, and septic tank long after the technician leaves.

EPA LETTER RECOGNITION - BioOne™; has met the EPA’s DfE challenge for biological drain line and septic system products by demonstrating a more positive human health and environmental profile.

BioOne™ is a patented microbial drain and septic treatment

Sold Exclusively through Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating

Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating is a Proud Member of Alliance for Water Efficieny

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WaterCop Automatic Water Shut-Off

Leak Protection for Your Home, 24/7

The WaterCop is always on duty. We are proud to introduce our clients to one of the very best products I've seen in home protection. It is an automatic water shut-off system designed to protect homes from common plumbing floods and leaks. WaterCop can often stop leaks before they cause extensive damage because it shuts off the main house water supply automatically.

  • WaterCop may save you money on your homeowner's insurance
  • WaterCop is made in America by DynaQuip Controls with over 40 years of experience in automated valve products and is UL listed.
  • WaterCop can integrate into home security systems using low voltage wiring.
  • Use the remote sensors wherever water leaks could occur such as under the dishwasher, washing machine, sinks or water heater.

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