Leak Protection for Your Home,  24/7

The WaterCop is always on duty. We are proud to introduce our clients to one of  the very best products I've seen in home protection.  It is an automatic water shut-off system designed to protect homes from common plumbing floods and leaks.  WaterCop can often stop leaks before they cause extensive damage because it shuts off the main house water supply automatically.

  • WaterCop may save you money on your homeowner's insurance
  • WaterCop is made in America by DynaQuip Controls with over 40 years of experience in automated valve products and is UL listed.
  • WaterCop can integrate into home security systems using low voltage wiring.
  • Use the remote sensors wherever water leaks could occur such as under the dishwasher, washing machine, sinks or water heater.

Frequently Asked Questions about WaterCop

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