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<style="font-size: 16px;">Indoor Air Quality Services Berkeley CACreating and maintaining good indoor air quality can be difficult, but is important since indoor pollutants can cause a myriad of health problems including headaches, fatigue, depression, sore throat, itchy eyes, rash, nasal congestion, etc. These symptoms can develop into more serious conditions, such as bronchial infections or even pneumonia, for those with weakened immune or respiratory systems.

There are three basic types of air pollutants found indoors (all of which can cause health problems): particulates, bioaerosols, and volatile organic compounds (or VOCs).

Particulates include dust, cigarette ash, dirt, and fibers. Most airborne particulates are too small to be seen and may never settle onto a surface. Very fine particles can be smaller than 1 micron which means many standard home filters won't pick them up.

Bioaerosols include bacteria, mold, fungi, dust mites, pollens, pet dander, and insect remains. Many people can have strong to severe reactions to the bioaerosols found indoors. Mold specifically can be a big concern in humid climates. Indoor humidity should be kept below 60% in the summer and 40% in the winter, or mold will be likely to grow.

Volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) generally come from man made products including carpeting, composite wood products, household chemicals, and cigarettes. Excessive mold growth can also cause what are known as microbial VOCs (or MVOCs). The smell caused by MVOCs from mold growth is frequently referred to as, "dirty sock syndrome" (meaning there is a dirty sock smell coming through ductwork).

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There are two basic ways to purify air: HVAC filtration systems or germicidal UV lamps. Filtration systems work by actually removing the pollutants from the air supply as it runs through the building's duct work. HVAC filtration systems are graded based on how many pollutants the filter will remove from the air during normal use. Which filtration system is best for a structure depends on what the customer's needs are. Germicidal UV lamps don't remove the pollutants from the air, but rather irradiate the bacteria, mold, and fungi to kill them or render the pollutants harmless. Germicidal UV lamps are carefully designed and installed to work safely and effectively while posing no danger to humans or pets. Some HVAC filters even come with germicidal UV lamps installed, adding an extra level of protection.

Poor indoor air quality shouldn't be ignored since pollutants of all types can cause health issues. HVAC filtration systems and germicidal UV lamps can greatly improve a structure's indoor air quality through removing or killing pollutants. Home or business owners who install a HVAC filtration systems or germicidal UV lamps will have healthier air to breathe from the elimination of particulates, bioaerosols, and VOCs. Eliminating these indoor pollutants will mean better health for those inside the structure and better smelling air.

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