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Your ductwork is an important part of your heating and cooling system. It only makes sense that, over the years of use, the duct system would get dirty. The ductwork will collect dust, debris, and sometimes mold. Also, it is essential to realize that mice and other pests, such as insects leave their droppings throughout your ductwork. These things, over time, may pose a risk to your health. Indoor air pollution has become a hot topic, and many feel that dirty ductwork contributes to the air quality in your home.

A visual inspection of your ductwork will not always tell the tale, but it is a good start. Indoor air pollution due to dirty ductwork can cause problems for those with asthma, and allergies. Studies indicate the urine and feces of mice may be a possible cause of late onset asthma. Dirty ductwork can also cause some to develop allergies, or cause existing allergies to flare up causing sinus infections and trips to the doctor’s office.

The benefits of having your ductwork cleaned are many. Mold is one of the worst allergens for people with asthma and allergies, having the ductwork cleaned will prevent health problems for those who are bothered by mold. Not to mention, dust and debris from the air and possible pests. It only makes sense that if your air is clean, one will live healthier. Everyone wants to live healthy and keeping indoor air pollution to a minimum is a good start for healthy breathing. Clean ductwork will give one peace of mind that they are breathing healthy air. Some people have reported a decline in asthma issues and allergy flare ups after having their ductwork cleaned.

When one has ductwork cleaned, it should include various components of the forced air heating and cooling system. It should be a thorough job, everything from the supply and return to the registers, grills, diffusers, heat exchanger and heating/cooling coils. One of the main characteristics of a heating and cooling system is to help keep the air in your home clean. When your ductwork is dirty, it compromises the integrity of your system, and possibly your health.

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