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Gas leaks in your home or workplace can become a very serious issue. While small leaks may do little more than impair the effectiveness of your appliances, or result in a higher monthly bill, larger issues can result in dangerous or even life-threatening situations. Should you suspect your property is suffering from a gas leak, taking prompt action and arranging for a professional inspection or repairs can be of paramount concern. Ignoring a gas leak or failing to take action should you suspect a problem may place your property and its occupants at great risk. At Albert Nahman, we understand the importance of customer service, but you don’t have to take our word for it, click here to take a look at our reviews and testimonials.

How Can I Spot a Gas Line Leak?

The gas lines, valves, and other equipment needed to deliver gas to your property's appliances and equipment can suffer from gas line leaks. Strange odors, poor performance from your stove, heater or water heater could all be signs that you are suffering from a leak. Dangerous situations resulting from a gas leak may often be difficult or even impossible to detect without sophisticated equipment. Arranging for a professional assessment or survey of your property and its gas lines may be the only sure way that you are able to detect a potential problem or issue that could pose a risk to you.

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a waste gas that can enter into the interior atmosphere of your home or workplace should there be a gas leak or other problem with your equipment, fixtures, or appliances. This dangerous gas is often odorless and has the potential to create a life-threatening emergency by displacing the oxygen in a room or environment. Installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home can afford you a greater measure of protection but they may not always be sufficient to ensure the continued safety of your occupants. For older homes and properties that have aging gas lines and older model furnaces and appliances, professional inspection and services may be the only option that will allow you to effectively address this serious issue.

How Should I Maintain My Gas Lines?

Working on a gas line can be very dangerous for those who lack the proper tools, training, and resources needed to perform the work safely. Treating any potential gas leak with professional resources can make a considerable difference in your effort to ensure that your property is able to be kept safe and secure. Only a trained professional has the know-how and tools needed to inspect your environment, accurately detect the presence of a gas leak and provide the service, repairs, or equipment upgrades that will be able to effectively address the problem.

Protecting your household or workplace, as well as its occupants, is never a concern that should go overlooked, so call us today at 510- 843-6904 for a gas line inspection or repair.