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A clogged pipe is one of the biggest pains in the neck that you'll ever have to deal with. Luckily, there are many ways to avoid clogging your drain.

At Albert Nahman Plumbing we have years of experience helping homeowners prevent and fix clogged drains. Below you'll find some of the most common questions our customers ask us about clogged pipes and drains.

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What is a Video Pipeline Inspection?

Video Pipeline Inspection A video pipeline inspection is a procedure where a plumber snakes a specialized video camera into your pipes to look for damage and clogs. This special camera is often equipped with a light to easily identify issues that our technicians can easily solve.

In the old days, plumbers used to use snakes to feel out the clog, making it difficult to precisely determine the nature of the backup. At our company, we use these cameras to get the clearest image possible. This makes our job easier, which will make your life easier.

What Causes Serious Drain Clogs?

Serious drain clogs are caused by any number of issues. The most common issues our plumbers encounter include excess hair and food in the piping. Hair can very easily clog up drains, and there may be years worth of build-up before you start to notice the clog.

Hair clogging a drain can be very difficult to remove, especially if there's growth of mold around the hair. This further clogs up the pipe, and if the homeowner isn't careful, the hair mass can go deeper into the pipe, thus requiring the intervention of an expert plumber.

Another rarer though arguably more serious type of clog comes from tree roots. Tree roots may work their way into spaces between pipes, or in some cases may squeeze plastic pipes. This can lead to an immense water bill from unseen leaks. A common way to identify these types of clogs is by using our video pipeline inspection service.

Can I Keep Drain Clogs from Happening?

Preventing drain clogs is easy if you're willing to invest the regular maintenance it takes to stop them from happening. Installing special filters for your kitchen and bathroom drains that prevent buildup of food or hair is the most effective tactic.

Another common tactic is to regularly use drain cleaner. However, many plumbers recommend against drain cleaner because it can damage piping if used excessively. The chemicals in drain cleaner are also often rather abrasive, and even coming into skin contact with the chemicals could result in a nasty burn.

For specialty issues with drains, one of the best things you can do is to contact a professional plumbing service like Berkeley's Albert Nahman Plumbing.

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