Shower & Tub Installation / Repair in Berkeley

The second best investment to remodeling your home besides your kitchen is the remodeling of your bathroom. A tub should be one of the first items you should consider replacing. A tub that is constructed from fiberglass has a tendency with age to crack at the Shower and Tub Installation and Repair Services in Berkeleystress points located in the sharp corners ridges or bottoms. Cracks from these types of tubs can often lead to more costly repairs for the homeowner.

In addition, as styles have changed and different colors have come in popularity a tub may be considered to be replaced as a fashion statement. Take for example a tub constructed from fiberglass from the early eighties may be impregnated with a color of the golden rod variety. This color is quiet hard with modern trends to match and incorporate into a trendy and stylish bathroom. Tubs constructed from cast iron with porcelain glazing, after several years, can suffer chips and degradation of the cast iron resulting in leaks and rust.

An option to replace both types of these tubs is available from a local company that specializes in shower- tub combination retrofitting combination. Utilizing the services of a specialized company, that specializing in tub and shower replacement is often the best choice to protect your hones value. A professional has different varieties of tub and shower combinations to replace the old and outdated original tub and shower.

Why Use Us?

A professional also gives customers the comfort of knowing there is a guarantee backing the workmanship and construction of the tub and shower combination being replaced.
Another point to understand when considering replacing your tub or shower is that a professional will be able to identify trouble zones in and around your shower.

Utilizing the services of a non- professional company can often result in very costly future repairs and damages. The cost in savings just does not outweigh the reality that having a professional company do the installation and tub and shower retrofitting. A professional can identify and utilize the most modern available parts on the market to make your tub and shower last for years.

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