The Recommended Temperature to Keep Your House During the Winter

The Recommended Temperature to Keep Your House During the Winter

One of your best tools you have at home to help with energy efficiency is a programmable thermostat. However, very few people realize that you need to adjust the thermostat settings for indoors, based on what the weather is doing outdoors. Plenty of people simply leave the indoor setting the same year round. This results in your air conditioner or your heater having to work harder than necessary.

Now that you know you need to change your thermostat based on the weather, how do you know what the optimal settings are? We’ve compiled a handy guide for you to use.

When the Outdoor Temperature Goes Below 55° F

When the thermometer drops below 55° F outside, it’s time for you to take action inside. Program your thermostat to read 68° F. Any higher than that, and you are causing your furnace to work too hard.

Instead of setting the thermostat upwards, look at other possible reasons that your home might be cool; how airtight is it? Caulk around windows and doors. Ensure that there are no gaps in doorways and door frames. Go up to your attic and push insulation back in place with a broom. Run your ceiling fan, which will effectively push hot air as it rises back down into the room.

It’s Above 55° F Outside

When you notice that the temperature is creeping upwards outside, it’s time to get your air conditioner ready to provide indoor comfort.

Ideally, you should set your thermostat to 76° F. Even if you are especially warm, resist the urge to crank up your A/C. Given the fluctuations in the weather during the season, you run the risk of freezing your system, which can be expensive to fix.

At 55° F or Higher, Consider Opening the Windows

To maximize on your energy savings, turn off your air conditioner when the temperature is at the 55° F benchmark (or even higher) and open up the windows. The cool breeze filtering through your windows should provide all the cooling you need for free!

Don’t forget to turn off your air conditioner before you open the windows! Otherwise you’re just wasting money.

Save Money While you Sleep

If you leave your room temperature the same at night as you do during the day, then you are throwing money away. As long as your family is snuggled in their warm beds, there is no need to heat the home as much. Feel free to program the thermostat to roll back to 62° F. The key however is to make sure that the furnace remains on.

Heating and cooling bills can be expensive, but the good news is that there is a lot that you can do to reduce them as a homeowner. We hope you found these tips helpful and have more to share. Call Albert Nahman Plumbing, serving the Berkley, CA area, today at (510) 843-6904.

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