Your Going Green Guide

Your Going Green Guide

We need to put all our efforts together to conserve the environment. Each of us can help in our own way, and it can start with plumbing and heating. As different conservation organizations look at the status of conservation on Earth Day on April 22, stand to be counted as one of the people that helped make a difference.
Here is what you can do at home.

Reduce unnecessary energy and water waste


One of the ways to keep the world green is to conserve the resources at your disposal. Such resources include water and energy. You can do that in various ways such as unplugging electrical equipment when they are not in use, not letting faucets run, and regulating consumption.

Change your conventional water heaters to tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters do not have a storage tank. Water is heated and sent directly to where it is needed. They eliminate the heat loss experienced when storing hot water in a reservoir before using it. Most of them also use gas instead of electricity, which is cheaper and more convenient.

Consider eco-friendly plumbing fixtures

Conserve your water resources by purchasing water efficient bathroom fixtures. You can buy water efficient toilets so that you would use less water with each flush and low flow shower heads that help you save when bathing.

Save energy in cooling and heating

Switch off your cooling and heating systems when you are not at home. Moreover, only air-condition the rooms that are occupied. This cuts down on wasting energy unnecessarily.

Lower your carbon footprint

Carbon dioxide levels have been increasing in the atmosphere due to human activity and carbon-footprint_480caused devastating weather effects. You can help reverse this situation by cutting down on your carbon footprint. If allowed in your area, plant a tree in the yard, it sucks up some carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

You should also go for green energy rather than fossil types such as wood and oil. Also, consider walking or riding a bike for short distances such as to the store instead of driving to cut down on carbon emissions from your vehicle.

Recycle your water

recycle_480There are gray water sources at home including the kitchen, the bathroom, and washing machines. This water can be filtered and reused in the garden and the toilet. Moreover, if you always buy drinking water with plastic containers, consider purchasing water filtration systems instead of buying water so that you have clean water to use at home. You spend less and keep the environment from being littered with bottles.

Contrary to popular belief, going green is not expensive. All you need are some small changes to preserve the environment.

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